It goes without saying that if you are really ready for breakthrough, you need to be willing to pay a significant price. You may need to dedicate more time than you think you have, more energy than you want to expend or more money than you have in your current budget. These are important costs to calculate before you begin any great endeavor. But there is another significant yet often overlooked cost: retreat.  Let me explain.  On your way to your breakthrough, there will be significant temptation to back away from your goal. Nike may be ok with it but most people are afraid to “just do it”! That is why you need to be real clear that, while retreating is an option and might even be part of a greater strategy, it is often a very costly option. Here’s what you stand to lose:

  • motivation
  • momentum
  • money or investment

Have you ever tried to ride a bike up a steep hill, stop, and then try to continue up the hill? It is extremely difficult to do so. In the same way,  retreating on your way to breakthrough zaps all your creative energy, invites unwanted distractions and kills your resolve.

So the next time you are tempted to back away from your goal, try the following:

  • Visualize one thing you can do to get closer to your goal. Small steps over time lead to success!
  • Give yourself time to regroup by pausing to celebrate your progress.
  • Build resilience by changing your perspective on your obstacles. What is the current difficulty trying to show you?
  • Borrow strength and focus from others who have overcome challenges on the way to their goal.

Before you know it, you’ll close the door to retreat and be on your way to your goal!


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