You probably believe there are two kinds of people: those who see life with a glass half full or half empty perspective. You probably believe that being glass half full or half empty is a permanent condition. And why wouldn’t you? Everywhere you go, there is evidence of the two camps: the super cheery clerk at the grocery store check out line; the overbearing, always grumpy co-worker; the wise grandmother who knows how to make lemonade out of lemons; and the friend who always points out the things that might go wrong. But what if being glass half full or half empty was a choice? And what if it were possible to consistently choose glass half full even when life gives you a sucker punch?

The key to converting your stress into success is getting aggressive about reframing your situation. If you are stuck in the details of life,  shift your perspective and ask, what is the bigger picture? If you feel if things are not going as planned, take a step back and ask, what is the one thing you can control? If you are discouraged about your progress towards your goal, break the goal into manageable tasks and tackle each one by one.

Choosing a glass half full perspective is not coaching trick. It is a decision– a commitment you make to yourself to own your emotions, your day, and ultimately your life. So the next time life serves you a glass half empty situation, don’t despair. Take a powerful stand and refuse to take a drink!

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