A New Kind of Resolution

December 31st. The last day of 2013. I glance at my 2013 To Do List hanging on my bedroom wall and go through the mental checklist. Career goals–a solid B. Financial goals…C+ seems harsh but true. Health goals? Well, seeing as I just came off a three day holiday carb fest, I am in serious need of a generous grading curve.

As you look toward 2014, is a similar soundtrack playing in your head? It’s really tempting to keep a scorecard on whether you are measuring up. Feels good when you hit your mark but kind of crappy when you don’t. If you’re able to honestly assess where you are and work toward steady improvements, there is probably nothing wrong with giving yourself a grade. Do what works to keep  moving forward. As for me, I am trying something different–going for a new kind of To Do List in 2014. Instead of kicking myself for things left undone in 2013, I asked myself a really important question: in the areas where I saw the most success, what was always present? When I thought about it, without exception, I noticed the most positive change when I started out with the right mindset. So this year I am pledging to be less concerned about the DOING and more focused on the BEING. To help me stay motivated, I’m creating my first ever To BE list. I’m not totally finished but here’s a sneak peek:

1. Be in step with God’s plan

2. Be myself in all situations

3. Be ready to say yes to the new and the scary

4. Be willing to say no to negativity

5. Be full of joy and gratitude

I don’t claim to have it all figured out, but I do know one thing. Whatever it is you are trying to pull off in 2014, it starts with the right attitude. Depending on your goals, you may need to be fearless or humble, shrewd or child-like, maybe all in the same day or week. You need more than one mental attitude gear to succeed in these complex times. So before you sit down to write your resolutions for 2014 take a step back and get your head right. Set yourself up for future success by putting first things first. Sustained positive action always follows sustained positive being. In other words, you won’t fly in 2014 until you first believe you can. With that said, by all means, get ready to soar in 2014. But make sure you’ve got your BEING list with you for the times when the DOING gets tough.  Happy New Year my friends!


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