Ahhh, January. A new year filled with promise. As a coach, I love this time of year. Everyone’s talking about #goals and diving into their action steps. That is until about mid January. That’s when stuff gets real. It’s when the New Year’s buzz wears off and the momentum comes to a screeching halt.

So what will make this year different? Let me suggest something radical. Maybe goal-setting has taken you just about as far as it can. If you’re honest, that goal you set was cute, but you’re already bored with it. You’ve been stepping out on our resolutions since January 2nd, looking for a new main squeeze. What you really need is something with more substance, something that has the power to not just change your day but rock your world. Simply put: you need a breakthrough.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You think you don’t have time for a breakthrough. You’re too busy and too tired for all that soul searching and too scared to confront your stuff. I get it. The truth of the matter is when it comes to getting a breakthrough, there’s no convenient time. You just know you’re ready. It’s not for the faint of heart but it can be done. I should know…because it happened to me.

Having played around for years, maybe decades, talking about wanting a weight loss breakthrough, I know all about this game. I was forever on some diet or reading some book about weight loss. I actually think I fell under the spell of wanting to lose weight. Looking back, I confess that my desire for a breakthrough far out-paced my willingness to dig in and do the work necessary to pull it off. But, with all of my health numbers going in the wrong direction, I got scared and I got serious. Something clicked and suddenly there was no price too high to pay for my breakthrough. I wish I could say this breakthrough has been easy. It has not. It takes daily focus, commitment and investment. There have been thousands of baby steps, each with its own cost.

So I can tell you from experience that if you want to make 2016 the year of the breakthrough and not another year of busted goals and broken promises, there are some things you can do right now:

1. Get focused on what needs to change. Ask yourself: what are you tolerating? In what part of your life are you making the most excuses? Is it the mediocre job? Are you squashing your gifts? Has a relationship run its course? Whatever it is, it’s time to put it on blast.

2. Get picky. When you’re on a mission for breakthrough, you can’t take everyone and everything along for the ride. So choose well. Surround yourself with supportive people and drop the haters. Refuse to engage in destructive self-talk. Now’s the time to show yourself some love and choose words and thoughts that give you strength and power.

3. Get moving. There’s no blueprint for getting your breakthrough. It’s personal and the road is messy. But the point is to stay busy and keep looking forward. If plan A is not working, don’t spend too much time crying over it; move on to plan B. If you’re not making quick progress, get happy about the small steps. You can’t afford to lick a wound for too long or have an adult hissy fit. Don’t be thrown off by a few false starts–just keep it moving.

And this final thought: I know you’ve been intimidated by the cost of your breakthrough long enough. But today can be different. This year can be different. Make the decision to dig deeper, to go farther, and, with all the determination you can muster, finally pay the price.

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