Is it Time for an Upgrade?

Just as unwanted programs can take up too much space on your computer and slow it down, negative thoughts and unproductive beliefs will hinder your progress. Periodically, it’s helpful to step back and assess what thoughts predominate your day. What’s the playlist that seems to be on a loop in your brain?

Is Coaching Right For You?

If you are at a professional or personal crossroad, coaching might be a good solution for you!

Getting Serious About Play

When is the last time YOU had an out of control, don’t care who’s watching, tears running down your face belly laugh? Last month? Last year? If you’re like most professionals on your grind, it’s probably been a minute. We get into serious work mode and then serious family mode and, well, you get the picture. Sure, we take vacations but if we’re honest, the idea of playing seems like a luxury we can’t afford.